We distribute ground-breaking security, risk and compliance solutions through a global network of trusted partners.



We offer professionally vetted and validated security solutions, from emerging technology providers that are market ready. We take the hard work out of dealing with startups and ensure partners are provided with the  pre and post sales support necessary for a smooth and successful sales process.  Our next generation solutions enable our partners to differentiate their own offerings to their clients and remain at the cutting edge of solutions in the space.

We support a broad range of partners including resellers, systems integrators, risk consultants, managed service providers, security vendors and service providers. Contact us today to discuss how Catalisto can support your business.

  • Build incremental business streams

  • Reduce innovation sourcing costs

  • De-risk working with emerging vendors

  • Leverage professional sales support


Catalisto are completely different from the other distributors we’ve interacted with in the past. Catalisto are not order takers - they are are more strategic to us. They have helped us identify new business opportunities, and source the products to realize that vision. They have patiently helped us learn new technologies and capabilities, and provide exceptional support on sales pursuits. Catalisto are now our first call on anything to do with security, risk and compliance, and we deeply value their guidance and sector expertise.
— Managed Services Provider
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Each year we screen hundreds of service providers and innovators to identify the handful of best-of-breed solutions that are relevant to our partner network, are ready to scale and enable our partners to stay at the leading edge of innovation in the sector.

We work with each distributed vendor to upgrade their sales and marketing collateral and strategies to support their channel success. Catalisto then recruit, managed and educate trusted partners to represent and resell the vendor’s solutions, leveraging a rapidly growing footprint of hundreds of partners globally.

Most importantly, we are design to meet the dynamic needs of emerging vendors - from having the patience to pivot with your pivots, to having processes that are designed to avoid conflict with a vendor’s other vital sales initiatives. We pride ourselves on becoming a deeply trusted part of our vendor’s future success.

  • Capitally efficient and variable cost base

  • Scalable, incremental and profitable sales model

  • Broad global partner network

  • Emerging vendor specialists


Catalisto have expertly guided us through a series of product and business pivots, and punched us into verticals and end users that were previously closed to us. They are deeply committed to our business, have continually up-skilled our sales capabilities and processes, and have added material value that extends far beyond their distribution capabilities.
— SOC Solutions Vendor
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