Change the face of your security organization. Access exceptional cyber security talent from unconventional and diverse sources.


SHIFT is an immersive lab-based training program that trains students into highly competent cyber security specialists within 6 months.  We specialize in recruiting and retraining workers from non-technical backgrounds, and moving them into jobs of the future.



We run curated programs designed to meet the analyst location and volume needs of their future employers. We help corporates source, select and retrain technical and non-technical workers into their security organizations. Satisfaction is guaranteed.



SHIFT is designed for individuals who have a knack for problem-solving and who wanted to get into cyber-security but didn’t know how.  No-technical experience is needed – you’ll learn what you need during the course.  But you’ll need grit, creativity and drive to make it in this industry. At the conclusion of the program, we’ll actively place you into a job in the industry. This isn’t a path to no-where. This is a rocket ship into a new and exciting career.



SHIFT is solving two of the gravest threats to global security and stability  – the chronic shortage of cybersecurity talent and the impending wave of workers whose jobs will be displaced by automation and technology advancements over the next decade. Mission aligned foundations and individuals can support by providing living allowance scholarships to students who otherwise could not afford to go through the program.